Synonyms of snug


1. cubby, cubbyhole, snuggery, snug, room

usage: a small secluded room


1. snug, protected (vs. unprotected)

usage: offering safety; well protected or concealed; "a snug harbor"; "a snug hideout"

2. close, snug, close-fitting, tight (vs. loose)

usage: fitting closely but comfortably; "a close fit"

3. snug, tight (vs. leaky)

usage: well and tightly constructed; "a snug house"; "a snug little sailboat"

4. cozy, cosy, snug, comfortable (vs. uncomfortable), comfy

usage: enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small space; "a cozy nook near the fire"; "snug in bed"; "a snug little apartment"

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