Synonyms of stinking


1. stink, be

usage: be extremely bad in quality or in one's performance; "This term paper stinks!"

2. reek, stink, smell

usage: smell badly and offensively; "The building reeks of smoke"


1. icky, crappy, lousy, rotten, shitty, stinking, stinky, bad (vs. good)

usage: very bad; "a lousy play"; "it's a stinking world"

2. fetid, foetid, foul, foul-smelling, funky, noisome, smelly, stinking, ill-scented, malodorous (vs. fragrant), malodourous, unpleasant-smelling, ill-smelling, stinky

usage: offensively malodorous; "a foul odor"; "the kitchen smelled really funky"

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Definition and meaning of stinking (Dictionary)