Synonyms of sweeping


1. sweeping, cleaning, cleansing, cleanup

usage: the act of cleaning with a broom


1. brush, sweep, move

usage: sweep across or over; "Her long skirt brushed the floor"; "A gasp swept cross the audience"

2. sweep, sail, move

usage: move with sweeping, effortless, gliding motions; "The diva swept into the room"; "Shreds of paper sailed through the air"; "The searchlights swept across the sky"

3. sweep, broom, wipe, pass over

usage: sweep with a broom or as if with a broom; "Sweep the crumbs off the table"; "Sweep under the bed"

4. embroil, tangle, sweep, sweep up, drag, drag in, involve

usage: force into some kind of situation, condition, or course of action; "They were swept up by the events"; "don't drag me into this business"

5. cross, traverse, span, sweep, cover, continue, extend

usage: to cover or extend over an area or time period; "Rivers traverse the valley floor", "The parking lot spans 3 acres"; "The novel spans three centuries"

6. sweep, clean, make clean

usage: clean by sweeping; "Please sweep the floor"

7. sweep, win

usage: win an overwhelming victory in or on; "Her new show dog swept all championships"

8. sweep, cover, continue, extend

usage: cover the entire range of

9. swing, sweep, swing out, wield, handle, manage

usage: make a big sweeping gesture or movement


1. sweeping, wide (vs. narrow), broad

usage: taking in or moving over (or as if over) a wide area; often used in combination; "a sweeping glance"; "a wide-sweeping view of the river"

2. sweeping, wholesale, indiscriminate (vs. discriminate)

usage: ignoring distinctions; "sweeping generalizations"; "wholesale destruction"

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