Synonyms of thickening


1. thickening, thickener, material, stuff

usage: any material used to thicken; "starch is used in cooking as a thickening"

2. node, knob, thickening, convex shape, convexity

usage: any thickened enlargement

3. thickening, inspissation, condensing, condensation

usage: the act of thickening


1. thicken, inspissate, change, alter, modify

usage: make thick or thicker; "Thicken the sauce"; "inspissate the tar so that it becomes pitch"

2. thicken, inspissate, change state, turn

usage: become thick or thicker; "The sauce thickened"; "The egg yolk will inspissate"

3. thicken, inspissate, change integrity

usage: make viscous or dense; "thicken the sauce by adding flour"


1. deepening(prenominal), thickening(prenominal), intensifying (vs. moderating)

usage: accumulating and becoming more intense; "the deepening gloom"; "felt a deepening love"; "the thickening dusk"

2. thickening, complex (vs. simple)

usage: becoming more intricate or complex; "a thickening plot"

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