Synonyms of toe


1. toe, digit, dactyl, extremity

usage: one of the digits of the foot

2. toe, covering

usage: the part of footwear that provides a covering for the toes

3. toe, body part

usage: forepart of a hoof

4. toe, part, portion

usage: (golf) the part of a clubhead farthest from the shaft


1. toe, walk

usage: walk so that the toes assume an indicated position or direction; "She toes inwards"

2. toe, toenail, force, drive, ram

usage: drive obliquely; "toe a nail"

3. toe, hit

usage: hit (a golf ball) with the toe of the club

4. toe, hit

usage: drive (a golf ball) with the toe of the club

5. toe, touch

usage: touch with the toe

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