Synonyms of tracing


1. tracing, drawing, draftsmanship, drafting

usage: the act of drawing a plan or diagram or outline

2. tracing, trace, drawing

usage: a drawing created by superimposing a semitransparent sheet of paper on the original image and copying on it the lines of the original image

3. tracing, discovery, find, uncovering

usage: the discovery and description of the course of development of something; "the tracing of genealogies"


1. trace, follow, analyze, analyse, study, examine, canvass, canvas

usage: follow, discover, or ascertain the course of development of something; "We must follow closely the economic development is Cuba" ; "trace the student's progress"

2. trace, draw, line, describe, delineate, mark

usage: make a mark or lines on a surface; "draw a line"; "trace the outline of a figure in the sand"

3. trace, retrace, return

usage: to go back over again; "we retraced the route we took last summer"; "trace your path"

4. hound, hunt, trace, chase, chase after, trail, tail, tag, give chase, dog, go after, track

usage: pursue or chase relentlessly; "The hunters traced the deer into the woods"; "the detectives hounded the suspect until they found him"

5. trace, detect, observe, find, discover, notice

usage: discover traces of; "She traced the circumstances of her birth"

6. trace, proceed, go forward, continue

usage: make one's course or travel along a path; travel or pass over, around, or along; "The children traced along the edge of the dark forest"; "The women traced the pasture"

7. trace, copy, re-create

usage: copy by following the lines of the original drawing on a transparent sheet placed upon it; make a tracing of; "trace a design"; "trace a pattern"

8. decipher, trace, read

usage: read with difficulty; "Can you decipher this letter?"; "The archeologist traced the hieroglyphs"

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