Synonyms of transcribed


1. transcribe, write down, set down, get down, put down

usage: write out from speech, notes, etc.; "Transcribe the oral history of this tribe"

2. transliterate, transcribe, rewrite

usage: rewrite in a different script; "The Sanskrit text had to be transliterated"

3. transcribe, adapt, accommodate

usage: rewrite or arrange a piece of music for an instrument or medium other than that originally intended

4. transcribe, rewrite

usage: make a phonetic transcription of; "The anthropologist transcribed the sentences of the native informant"

5. transcribe, convert

usage: convert the genetic information in (a strand of DNA) into a strand of RNA, especially messenger RNA


1. canned, transcribed, recorded (vs. live)

usage: recorded for broadcast; "a transcribed announcement"; "canned laughter"

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