Synonyms of unaffected


1. unaffected (vs. affected), immune, superior(predicate), unimpressed, uninfluenced, unswayed, untouched, unmoved#1, unaffected#3, untouched

usage: undergoing no change when acted upon; "entirely unaffected by each other's writings"; "fibers remained apparently unaffected by the treatment"

2. insensible(predicate), unaffected(predicate), insensitive (vs. sensitive)

usage: unaware of or indifferent to; "insensible to the suffering around him"

3. unmoved(predicate) (vs. moved), unaffected, untouched, unaffected, unemotional

usage: emotionally unmoved; "always appeared completely unmoved and imperturbable"

4. unaffected (vs. affected), lifelike, natural, unmannered, unselfconscious, unstilted, unstudied#1, uncontrived

usage: free of artificiality; sincere and genuine; "an unaffected grace"

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