Synonyms of undertaking


1. undertaking, project, task, labor, work

usage: any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted; "he prepared for great undertakings"

2. undertaking, trade, craft

usage: the trade of a funeral director


1. undertake, set about, attempt, initiate, pioneer

usage: enter upon an activity or enterprise

2. undertake, tackle, take on, confront, face up, face

usage: accept as a challenge; "I'll tackle this difficult task"

3. undertake, guarantee, promise, assure

usage: promise to do or accomplish; "guarantee to free the prisoners"

4. contract, undertake, promise, assure

usage: enter into a contractual arrangement

5. undertake, take in charge, accept, consent, go for

usage: accept as a charge

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Definition and meaning of undertaking (Dictionary)