Synonyms of unfavorable


1. unfavorable (vs. favorable), unfavourable, admonitory, admonishing, reproachful, reproving, adverse, inauspicious, untoward, disapproving, discriminatory, invidious, bad, critical, hostile, negative, uncomplimentary

usage: not encouraging or approving or pleasing; "unfavorable conditions"; "an unfavorable comparison"; "unfavorable comments", "unfavorable impression"

2. unfavorable (vs. favorable), unfavourable, adverse, contrary, unpropitious

usage: (of winds or weather) tending to hinder or oppose; "unfavorable winds"

3. unfavorable, unfavourable, bad (vs. good)

usage: not favorable; "made an unfavorable impression"; "unfavorable reviews"

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Definition and meaning of unfavorable (Dictionary)