Synonyms of vested


1. invest, vest, enthrone, install, instal

usage: provide with power and authority; "They vested the council with special rights"

2. vest, give

usage: place (authority, property, or rights) in the control of a person or group of persons; "She vested her vast fortune in her two sons"

3. vest, change hands, change owners

usage: become legally vested; "The property vests in the trustees"

4. vest, dress, dress up

usage: clothe oneself in ecclesiastical garments

5. vest, robe, dress, clothe, enclothe, garb, raiment, tog, garment, habilitate, fit out, apparel

usage: clothe formally; especially in ecclesiastical robes


1. vested, unconditional (vs. conditional), unconditioned

usage: fixed and absolute and without contingency; "a vested right"

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