Synonyms of whiff


1. puff, puff of air, whiff, gust, blast, blow

usage: a short light gust of air

2. whiff, lefteye flounder, lefteyed flounder

usage: a lefteye flounder found in coastal waters from New England to Brazil

3. whiff, strikeout

usage: a strikeout resulting from the batter swinging at and missing the ball for the third strike


1. sniff, whiff, smell

usage: perceive by inhaling through the nose; "sniff the perfume"

2. whiff, blow

usage: drive or carry as if by a puff of air; "The gust of air whiffed away the clouds"

3. whiff, strike out

usage: strike out by swinging and missing the pitch charged as the third

4. puff, whiff, smoke

usage: smoke and exhale strongly; "puff a cigar"; "whiff a pipe"

5. whiff, talk, speak, utter, mouth, verbalize, verbalise

usage: utter with a puff of air; "whiff out a prayer"

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