Timeline: Modern Fashion | Part III: 1970-1990

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Fashion Timeline: Modern Fashion
Part III: 1970-1990
by David Johnson

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Known as Halston, Roy Halston Frowick dominates 1970s with pantsuits, sweater sets, form-fitting dresses, knit wear
Giorgio Armani creates men's wear line; popularizes Italian tailoring
Claude Montana founds couture house; specializes in leather
Early 1980s
Japanese "school" of designers, including Issey Miyake, Kenzo, Rei Kawakubo, Hanae Mori, enjoy major couture success
Donna Karan launches line of versatile, casual knits; favors black
"Anything goes" emerges as fashion credo

Late 1990
Alexander McQueen emerges as daring new designer; features cozy, romantic designs, dresses looking like quilt blankets, rabbit-skin dresses; favors highly theatrical fashion shows, models parade in rings of fire, get doused with paint or water, skate on real ice

Stella McCartney, at Cloé fashion house gains following with daring new designs
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