Top 10 Selling Albums, 2004

Rank Title, ArtistUnits sold
 1. Confessions, Usher7,978,594
 2. Feels Like Home, Norah Jones3,842,920
 3. Encore, Eminem3,517,097
 4. When the Sun Goes…, Kenny Chesney3,072,224
 5. Here for the Party, Gretchen Wilson2,931,097
 6. Live Like You Were Dying, Tim McGraw2,786,840
 7. Songs About Jane, Maroon 52,708,415
 8. Fallen, Evanescence2,614,226
 9. Autobiography, Ashlee Simpson2,576,945
10. Now That's What I Call Music 16, Various Artists2,560,316
From Jan. 5, 2004–Jan 2, 2005.
Source: Nielsen Media Research. © 2005, Nielsen Media Research.

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