Wacky Town Names

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Wacky Town Names


Taking a road trip to Monkey's Eyebrow?
compiled by Holly Hartman

America's a big country. From the easternmost reaches of Maine to the western Alaska islands in the Bering Sea, these United States include towns with every imaginable name. We've collected some of the more surprising examples. (To look up a state abbreviation, check here.)

Towns that boast . . .

Beauty, KY
Best, TX
Bountiful, UT

smile in Smileyberg, KS
Carefree, AZ
Celebration, FL
Friendly, WV
Happy Camp, CA
Happyland, CT
Ideal, GA
Lovely, KY
Luck Stop, KY
Magic City, ID
Paradise, MI
Smileyberg, KS
Success, MO
What Cheer, IA

. . . and towns that don't.

Boring, OR
Dinkytown, MN
Eek, AK
Embarrass, WI

modest Sod, WV
Flat, TX
Greasy, OK
Gripe, AZ
Hardscrabble, DE
Hazard, KY
Oddville, KY
Okay, OK
Ordinary, KY
Peculiar, MO
Sod, WV
Why, AZ

Towns that make you hungry

Bacon, IN
Big Rock Candy Mountain, VT
Buttermilk, KS
Cheesequake, NJ
Chocolate Bayou, TX

yum to Spuds, FL
Goodfood, MS
Ham Lake, MN
Hot Coffee, MS
Lick Fork, VA
Lickskillet, OH
Mexican Water, AZ
Oatmeal, TX
Oniontown, PA
Picnic, FL
Pie Town, NM
Sandwich, MA
Spuds, FL
Sugar City, ID
Tea, SD
Tortilla Flat, AZ
Two Egg, FL

Towns that remind you of bugs and birds . . .

Beebeetown, IA

shufflin' to Bugscuffle, TN
Bee Lick, KY
Bird-in-Hand, PA
Birds Eye, IN
Black Gnat, KY
Bugscuffle, TN

Bumble Bee, AZ
Chicken, AK
Fleatown, OH
Goose Pimple Junction, VA
Parrot, KY
Shoofly, NC
Turkey, TX
Turkey Scratch, AR


. . . and other creatures . . .


Bear, DE
Beaverdale, PA
Dinosaur, CO
Dog Walk, KY
Fish Haven, ID
Hippo, KY
Horseheads, NY
Hungry Horse, MT
Mammoth, WV
Monkey's Eyebrow, KY
Possum Trot, KY
Rabbit Shuffle, NC
Squirrel Hill, PA
Toad Suck, AR
Trout, LA
Viper, KY

. . . not to mention humankind.

Bigfoot, TX
Bowlegs, OK
Brainy Boro, NJ
Humansville, MO
Left Hand, WV
Shoulderblade, KY
Stiffknee Knob, NC
Sweet Lips, TN
West Thumb, WY


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