Time Tangled Island: Lewis and Clark

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

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by Beth Rowen

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  • Capt. Meriwether Lewis was President Thomas Jefferson's private secretary.
  • Lewis and Clark's journey was the first round-trip, overland expedition to the West.
  • Sacagawea was the only woman guide and interpreter on the expedition, which was called the Corps of Discovery.
  • Lewis and Clark's expedition cost $39,000, but Congress only authorized $2,500 for the trip.
  • The purpose of Lewis and Clark's expedition was to search out and map a land route to the Pacific, to expand America's territory, and to gather information about the plants, animals, rivers, and people of the West.
  • There were 33 permanent members of the expedition.
  • Lewis's dog, Seaman, a Newfoundland, was the only animal on the expedition.
  • Lewis and Clark vaccinated the tribes they encountered on their journey against smallpox.
  • Members of the expedition gave gifts to the Native Americans. The gifts included pocket mirrors, 4,600 sewing needles, 10 pounds of sewing thread, tobacco, face paint, and 33 pounds of beads.
  • Lewis and Clark met about 50 different Native American tribes on their journey.
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