1300–1399 (A.D.) World History

Mali Empire reaches its height in Africa under King Mansa Musa.
c. 1325
The beginning of the Renaissance in Italy: writers Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio; painter Giotto. Development of Noh drama in Japan. Aztecs establish Tenochtitlán on site of modern Mexico City. Peak of Muslim culture in Spain. Small cannon in use.
Hundred Years' War—English and French kings fight for control of France.
At least 25 million people die in Europe's “Black Death” (bubonic plague).
Ming Dynasty begins in China.
John Wycliffe, pre-Reformation religious reformer, and followers translate Latin Bible into English.
The Great Schism (to 1417)—rival popes in Rome and Avignon, France, fight for control of Roman Catholic Church.
c. 1387
Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
Tamerlane, the Mongol conqueror, begins last great conquest—Delhi.
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