Czech Republic

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  • President: Milos Zeman (2013)

    Prime Minister: Bohuslav Sobotka (2014)

    Land area: 29,836 sq mi (77,276 sq km); total area: 30,450 sq mi (78,866 sq km)

    Population (2014 est.): 10,627,448 (growth rate: 0.17%); birth rate: 9.79/1000; infant mortality rate: 2.63/1000; life expectancy: 78.31

    Capital and largest city (2011 est.): Prague, 1.276 million

    Other large cities: Brno, 376,400; Ostrava, 317,700; Plzen, 164,900; Olomouc, 102,900

    Monetary unit: Koruna

    National name: Ceska Republika

    Current government officials

    Language: Czech 95.4%, Slovak 1.6%, other 3% (2011 census)

    Ethnicity/race: Roman Catholic 10.4%, Protestant (includes Czech Brethren and Hussite) 1.1%, other and unspecified 54%, none 34.5% (2011 est.)

    National Holiday: Czech Founding Day, October 28

    Religions: Roman Catholic 27%, Protestant 2%, unaffiliated 59% (2001)

    Literacy rate: 99% (2011 est.)

    Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2013 est.): $194.8 billion; per capita $26,300. Real growth rate: –0.9%. Inflation: 1.4%. Unemployment: 7.1%. Arable land: 40.12%. Agriculture: wheat, potatoes, sugar beets, hops, fruit; pigs, poultry. Labor force: 5.304 million; agriculture 2.6%, industry 37.4%, services 60% (2012 est.). Industries: metallurgy, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, glass, armaments. Natural resources: hard coal, soft coal, kaolin, clay, graphite, timber. Exports: $161.4 billion (2013 est.): machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, raw materials and fuel. Imports: $143.4 billion (2013 est.): machinery and transport equipment, raw materials and fuels, chemicals. Major trading partners: Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, UK, France, Netherlands, China, Russia (2012).

    Communications: Telephones: main lines in use: 2.1 million (2012); mobile cellular: 12.973 million (2012). Broadcast media: roughly 130 TV broadcasters operating some 350 channels with 4 publicly operated and the remainder in private hands; 16 TV stations have national coverage with 4 being publicly operated; cable and satellite TV subscription services are available; 63 radio broadcasters are registered operating roughly 80 radio stations with 15 stations publicly operated; 10 radio stations provide national coverage with the remainder local or regional (2008). Internet hosts: 4.148 million (2012). Internet users: 6.681 million (2009).

    Transportation: Railways: total: 9,469 km (2008). Roadways: total: 130,671 km; (2010). Waterways: 664 km (on Elbe, Vltava, and Oder rivers) (2010). Ports and harbors: Decin, Prague, Usti nad Labem. Airports: 128 (2013).

    International disputes: while threats of international legal action never materialized in 2007, 915,220 Austrians, with the support of the popular Freedom Party, signed a petition in January 2008, demanding that Austria block the Czech Republic's accession to the EU unless Prague closes its controversial Soviet-style nuclear plant in Temelin, bordering Austria.

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