Falkland Islands

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Map of Falkland Islands
  • Status: Overseas territoryQueen's Representative: Governor Colin Roberts (2014)Chief Executive: Keith Padgett (2012)Total area: 4,700 sq mi (12,173 sq km)Population (July 2012 est.): 2,984067Capital (2011 est.): Stanley (on East Falkland), 2,000Monetary unit: Falkland Island poundEconomic summary: GDP/PPP (2007 est.): $194.5 million; per capita $55,400. Real growth rate: n.a. Inflation: 1.3% (2003). Unemployment: 4.1 (2010) (2001). Arable land: 0%. Agriculture: fodder and vegetable crops; sheep, dairy products. Labor force: 5,246 (2006est.); agriculture 95% (mostly sheepherding and fishing). Industries: fish and wool processing; tourism. Natural resources: fish, squid, wildlife, calcified seaweed, sphagnum moss. Exports: $125 million (2004 est.): wool, hides, meat. Imports: $90 million (2004 est.): fuel, food and drink, building materials, clothing. Major trading partners: Spain, UK, U.S., France (2004).Major sources and definitions

Flag of Falkland Islands