Estimated Deaths from Earthquakes, 20041

Jan. 1Bali Region, Indonesia5.81
Feb. 5Papua, Indonesia7.037
Feb. 14Pakistan5.524
Feb. 16Southern Sumatra, Indonesia5.25
Feb. 24Burundi4.73
Feb. 24Near north coast of Morocco6.4628
March 1Eastern Turkey3.86
March 25Eastern Turkey5.610
April 5Hindu Kush region, Afghanistan6.63
May 1Taiwan5.22
May 8Pakistan4.41
May 28Northern Iran6.335
July 1Eastern Turkey5.418
July 12Slovenia5.01
July 18North Island of New Zealand5.61
July 18Central Afghanistan5.12
July 30Eastern Turkey4.81
Aug. 10Hindu Kush region, Afghanistan6.02
Aug. 10Sichuan-Yunnan-Guizhou region, China5.14
Aug. 11Eastern Turkey5.51
Sept. 7Catamarca, Argentina6.41
Sept. 15Bali, Indonesia 5.21
Oct. 23Honshu, Japan6.6.40
Nov. 11Kepulauan Alor, Indonesia7.534
Nov. 20Costa Rica6.48
Nov. 21Leeward Islands6.31
Nov. 26Papua, Indonesia7.132
Dec. 1Papua, Indonesia5.51
Dec 26Western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia9.0275,950
1. As of Jan. 17, 2005.
Source: National Earthquake Information Center, U.S. Geological Survey.
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