Estimated Deaths from Earthquakes, 20051

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff
Jan. 23Sulawesi, Indonesia6.21
Jan. 25Turkey-Iraq Border Region5.92
Feb. 2Java, Indonesia4.81
Feb. 5Celebes Sea7.12
Feb. 22Central Iran6.4612
March 9South Africa5.02
March 20Kyushu, Japan6.61
March 28Northern Sumatra, Indonesia8.71,313
May 3Western Iran4.94
June 4Eastern New Guinea region, Papua New Guinea6.11
June 13Tarapaca, Chile7.811
July 5South Africa2.71
July 25Heilongjiang, China 5.01
Sept. 26Northern Peru7.55
Oct. 8Pakistan7.687,351
Oct. 15Pakistan5.12
Oct. 20Near the Coast of Western Turkey5.91
Oct. 27Guangxi, China4.61
Nov. 8South China Sea5.21
Nov. 26Hubei-Jiangxi Border Region, China5.216
Nov. 27Southern Iran6.013
Dec. 5Lake Tanganyika Region, Congo and Tanzania6.86
Dec. 12Hindu Kush Region, Afghanistan6.55
Dec. 14Uttaranchal, India5.31
1. As of April 11, 2006.
Source: National Earthquake Information Center, U.S. Geological Survey. Web:
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