Sports Disasters

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Dates and details of major disasters in sports

June 11, Le Mans, France: racing car in Grand Prix hurtled into grandstand, killing 82 spectators.
May 24, Lima, Peru: more than 300 soccer fans killed and over 500 injured during riot and panic following unpopular ruling by referee in Peru vs. Argentina soccer game. It is worst soccer disaster on record.
Jan. 2, Glasgow, Scotland: 66 killed in crush at Glasgow Rangers home stadium when soccer fans trying to leave encountered fans trying to return to stadium after hearing that a late goal had been scored.
Sept. 5, Munich, Germany: Arab terrorists invaded the Olympic village killing 2 Israeli athletes and taking 9 hostage. In shootout, 9 athletes, 5 guerrillas, and 1 policeman killed.
Jan. 20, Sincelejo, Colombia: bleachers at a bullring collapsed, leaving 222 dead.
Oct. 20, Moscow: according to Sovietsky Sport, as many as 340 died at Lenin Stadium when exiting soccer fans collided with returning fans after final goal was scored. All the fans had been crowded into one section of stadium by police.
May 11, Bradford, England: 56 burned to death and over 200 injured when fire engulfed main grandstand at Bradford's soccer stadium.

May 29, Brussels, Belgium: when British Liverpool club fans attacked rival Italian supporters of Juventus team at the Heysel Stadium before the European Champion's Cup final, a concrete retaining wall collapsed and 39 people were trampled to death. More than 400 people were injured.
March 12, Katmandu, Nepal: some 80 soccer fans seeking cover during a violent hail storm at the national stadium were trampled to death in a stampede because the stadium doors were locked.
April 15, Sheffield, England: 96 people were killed at Hillsborough stadium during a semifinal match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. Most of the victims, who were Liverpool fans, were crushed against a barrier on an overcrowded area behind one of the goals. It is Britain's worst soccer disaster.
Oct. 16, Guatemala City: at least 84 killed and 147 injured by stampeding soccer fans before a 1998 World Cup qualifying match between Guatemala and Costa Rica held at Mateo Flores National Stadium.
May 9, Accra, Ghana: at least 120 people were killed in a stampede at a soccer match. It was Africa's worst soccer-related disaster.
Feb. 1, Port Said, Egypt: at least 73 people were killed in a fight between fans of rival teams at a soccer match. Security at the gates was questioned as fans used knives, clubs, and other weapons in the brawl.
April 15, Boston, Mass., United States: multiple bombs explode near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The bombs explode at 2:50 in the afternoon as runners finish the race. At least three people are killed, including an eight year old boy. More than 170 people are injured. The first explosion happens on Boylston Street close to the finish line. The second blast comes about ten seconds later, 50 to 100 yards away. A third explosion happens an hour after the first two, but it is a controlled explosion because the police had found the device. Officials also report that two other devices are found around the marathon area, but they are dismantled. Officials confirm that the devices are bombs.
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