American History 101?

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff
The Emancipation what?

Compare your wits with the nation's best students

by David Johnson

Test Conditions

The following test was given to a random sampling of 566 college seniors. Only one student answered all 34 questions correctly. If the exam had been graded, only 19% would have passed, while four out of five students would have flunked. A majority, 65%, would have earned an F.

Administered by the Center for Survey Research and Analysis Center for Survey Research and Analysis, the questions were drawn from a basic high school curriculum. Many had been used in standardized tests.
The U.S. History Quiz:

Part I: The Civil War, Magna Carta, more...

Part II: Monroe Doctrine, Abraham Lincoln, more...

Part III: The Panama Canal, "Speak softly but carry a big stick," The Voting Rights Act, more...
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