Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Alaska
Member Name Birth Death
Frank Hughes MURKOWSKI 1933
Howard Wallace POLLOCK 1920-2011
Ralph Julian RIVERS 1903-1976
Theodore Fulton (Ted) STEVENS 1923-2010
Charles August SULZER 1879-1919
Daniel Alexander SUTHERLAND 1869-1955
Frank Hinman WASKEY 1875-1964
Edward Lewis (Bob) BARTLETT 1904-1968
James WICKERSHAM 1857-1939
Mark BEGICH 1962
Donald Edwin YOUNG 1933
Nicholas Joseph BEGICH 1932-1972
Thomas CALE 1848-1941
Anthony Joseph DIMOND 1881-1953
Maurice Robert (Mike) GRAVEL 1930
George Barnes GRIGSBY 1874-1962
Ernest Henry GRUENING 1887-1974
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