Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Arkansas
Member Name Birth Death
James Paul CLARKE 1854-1916
Oren HARRIS 1903-1997
William Allan OLDFIELD 1874-1928
James David WALKER 1830-1906
Thomas Dale ALFORD 1916-2000
Clyde Taylor ELLIS 1908-1980
Blanche LAMBERT 1960
Lewis Ernest SAWYER 1867-1923
Powell CLAYTON 1833-1914
Lawrence Brooks HAYS 1898-1981
Tilman Bacon PARKS 1872-1950
Robert Minor WALLACE 1856-1942
Beryl Franklin ANTHONY, Jr. 1938
Lewis Porter FEATHERSTONE 1851-1922
Blanche Lambert LINCOLN 1960
William King SEBASTIAN 1812-1865
Henry Wharton CONWAY 1793-1827
John Netherland HEISKELL 1872-1972
Samuel West PEEL 1831-1924
Edward Allen WARREN 1818-1875
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