Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Connecticut
Member Name Birth Death
Charles Montague BAKEWELL 1867-1957
William Michael CITRON 1896-1976
Oliver ELLSWORTH 1745-1807
William Lincoln HIGGINS 1867-1951
Lyman LAW 1770-1842
Jonathan Ogden MOSELEY 1762-1838
Thomas Hart SEYMOUR 1807-1868
George Catlin WOODRUFF 1805-1885
Benjamin TALLMADGE 1754-1835
Walter BOOTH 1791-1870
Sidney DEAN 1818-1901
Sylvester GILBERT 1755-1846
Colin Macrae INGERSOLL 1819-1903
George Payne McLEAN 1857-1932
James Timothy PRATT 1802-1887
Lewis SPERRY 1848-1922
Loren Pinckney WALDO 1802-1881
John BALDWIN 1772-1850
Ezra CLARK, Jr. 1813-1896
William Wolcott ELLSWORTH 1791-1868
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