Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Iowa
Member Name Birth Death
Lucien Lester AINSWORTH 1831-1902
Robert Gordon COUSINS 1859-1933
Frederick Lawrence GRANDY 1948
Harry Edward HULL 1864-1938
James Wilson McDILL 1834-1894
John Joseph SEERLEY 1852-1931
Frederick Edward WHITE 1844-1920
Ed Hoyt CAMPBELL 1882-1969
William G. DONNAN 1834-1908
Vincent Francis HARRINGTON 1903-1943
John Henry KYL 1919-2002
Charles POMEROY 1825-1891
William George THOMPSON 1830-1911
William Boyd ALLISON 1829-1908
John Chester CULVER 1932
Charles Ernest GRASSLEY 1933
John Albert Tiffin HULL 1841-1928
Smith McPHERSON 1848-1915
Hiram Ypsilanti SMITH 1843-1894
Albert Clinton WILLFORD 1877-1937
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