Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Illinois
Member Name Birth Death
Granville BARRERE 1829-1889
Orlando BURRELL 1826-1921
Thomas Joseph CORCORAN 1939
Finis Ewing DOWNING 1846-1936
George Edmund FOSS 1863-1936
Abner Clark HARDING 1807-1874
Henry John HYDE 1924-2007
Charles MARTIN 1856-1917
Stanley Henry KUNZ 1864-1946
Robert Henry MICHEL 1923
John McAuley PALMER 1817-1900
Hugh McPheeters RIGNEY 1873-1950
John M. SHIMKUS 1958
Lawrence Beaumont STRINGER 1866-1942
Scott WIKE 1834-1901
William Joshua ALLEN 1829-1901
Charles Augustus BOYLE 1907-1959
Robert Andrew CHILDS 1845-1915
William Levi DAWSON 1886-1970
John Franklin FARNSWORTH 1820-1897
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