Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Kansas
Member Name Birth Death
Joseph Little BRISTOW 1861-1944
HARRIS, William Alexander 1841-1909
Jan MEYERS 1928
Edmund Gibson ROSS 1826-1907
Henry Justin ALLEN 1868-1950
Martin Franklin CONWAY 1827-1882
Martha Elizabeth KEYS 1930
Edward White PATTERSON 1895-1940
William Henry SPROUL 1867-1932
Case BRODERICK 1839-1920
James Madison HARVEY 1833-1894
Howard Shultz MILLER 1879-1970
William Robert ROY 1926
John Alexander ANDERSON 1834-1892
Robert CROZIER 1827-1895
Snyder Solomon KIRKPATRICK 1848-1909
James Blackwood PEARSON 1920-2009
James George STRONG 1870-1938
William Ripley BROWN 1840-1916
Dudley Chase HASKELL 1842-1883
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