Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Kentucky
Member Name Birth Death
Henry Dixon ALLEN 1854-1924
Francis Marion BRISTOW 1804-1864
Beverly Leonidas CLARKE 1809-1860
Milton Jameson DURHAM 1824-1911
William Voris GREGORY 1877-1936
Addison Davis JAMES 1850-1947
Ken LUCAS 1933
Thomas MONTGOMERY 1779-1828
John Marshall ROBSION, Jr. 1904-1990
King SWOPE 1893-1961
Lewis Leavell WALKER 1873-1944
Joshua Fry BELL 1811-1870
James Campbell CANTRILL 1870-1923
Edward CROSSLAND 1827-1881
Wendell Hampton FORD 1924
John Kerr HENDRICK 1849-1921
Andrew Jackson KIRK 1866-1933
Thomas Clay McCREERY 1816-1890
Stephen ORMSBY 1759-1844
Patrick Hamilton POPE 1806-1841
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