Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Massachusetts
Member Name Birth Death
George ASHMUN 1804-1870
George Nixon BRIGGS 1796-1861
William COGSWELL 1838-1895
George Thomas DAVIS 1810-1877
William ELY 1765-1817
Angier Louis GOODWIN 1881-1975
Sherman HOAR 1860-1898
Henry Bacon LOVERING 1841-1911
George Pelton LAWRENCE 1859-1917
Henry Francis NAPHEN 1852-1905
Ambrose Arnold RANNEY 1821-1899
William SHEPARD 1737-1817
Benjamin Franklin THOMAS 1813-1878
Tappan WENTWORTH 1802-1875
Samuel ADAMS 1722-1803
William Henry BATES 1917-1969
William Barron CALHOUN 1796-1865
John Crawford CROSBY 1859-1943
Edward DICKINSON 1803-1874
Nathaniel FREEMAN, Jr. 1766-1800
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