Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Maine
Member Name Birth Death
John APPLETON 1815-1864
George EVANS 1797-1867
Mark HARRIS 1779-1843
Seth Llewellyn MILLIKEN 1831-1897
James Wheelock RIPLEY 1786-1835
Timothy Jarvis CARTER 1800-1838
GERRY, Elbridge 1813-1886
Charles Edgar LITTLEFIELD 1851-1915
John OTIS 1801-1856
Charles STETSON 1801-1863
Jeremiah BAILEY 1773-1853
John FAIRFIELD 1797-1847
William Dodd HATHAWAY 1924
George John MITCHELL 1933
Edward ROBINSON 1796-1857
Shepard CARY 1805-1866
Charles Jervis GILMAN 1824-1901
Nathaniel Swett LITTLEFIELD 1804-1882
Gorham PARKS 1794-1877
John Philip SWASEY 1839-1928
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