Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Michigan
Member Name Birth Death
Aaron Thomas BLISS 1837-1906
George Pierre CODD 1869-1927
Charles Clinton ELLSWORTH 1824-1899
Clare Eugene HOFFMAN 1875-1967
Francis Oscar LINDQUIST 1869-1924
Harry Webster MUSSELWHITE 1868-1955
Mark H. SCHAUER 1961
Alpheus Starkey WILLIAMS 1810-1878
Jabez Gridley SUTHERLAND 1825-1902
Augustus Carpenter BALDWIN 1817-1903
Claude Ernest CADY 1878-1953
Byron M. CUTCHEON 1836-1908
William Horace FRANKHAUSER 1863-1921
Edwin William KEIGHTLEY 1843-1926
Jack H. McDONALD 1932
Gary C. PETERS 1958
Guy Adrian VANDER JAGT 1931-2007
George SPALDING 1836-1915
Frank Probasco BOHN 1866-1944
Howard Aldridge COFFIN 1877-1956
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