Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Minnesota
Member Name Birth Death
Sydney ANDERSON 1881-1948
Ignatius DONNELLY 1831-1901
Walter Henry JUDD 1898-1994
Robert Page Walter MORRIS 1853-1924
Arlan Ingehart STANGELAND 1930
Richard Thompson BUCKLER 1865-1950
Godfrey Gummer GOODWIN 1873-1933
John LIND 1854-1930
William Alvin PITTENGER 1885-1951
John Vincent (Vin) WEBER 1952
Wendell Richard ANDERSON 1933
Mark Hill DUNNELL 1823-1904
Joseph Edward KARTH 1922-2005
Ancher NELSEN 1904-1992
Frank Thomas STARKEY 1892-1968
Clarence Bennett BUCKMAN 1851-1917
Rod GRAMS 1948
Charles August LINDBERGH 1859-1924
Henry POEHLER 1833-1912
Knud WEFALD 1869-1936
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