Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Missouri
Member Name Birth Death
John David ASHCROFT 1942
William Patterson BORLAND 1867-1919
John Bullock CLARK, Jr. 1831-1903
Clement Cabell DICKINSON 1849-1938
Joseph Jackson GRAVELY 1828-1872
Theodore Waldemar HUKRIEDE 1878-1945
Alfred William LAMB 1824-1888
James Alexander REED 1861-1944
Morgan Moore MOULDER 1904-1976
Edwin Obed STANARD 1832-1914
Robert WILSON 1803-1870
John Forbes BENJAMIN 1817-1877
Joseph Henry BURROWS 1840-1914
Harry Marcy COUDREY 1867-1930
Frederick ESSEN 1863-1946
Robert Anthony HATCHER 1819-1886
Paul Caruthers JONES 1901-1981
Charles Harley MANSUR 1835-1895
Carl SCHURZ 1829-1906
Roscoe Conkling PATTERSON 1876-1954
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