Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Mississippi
Member Name Birth Death
Ethelbert BARKSDALE 1824-1893
Charles Wayne DOWDY 1943
Jon Clifton HINSON 1942-1995
Alan NUNNELEE 1958
James Fisher TROTTER 1802-1866
Harry CAGE 1859
GORDON, James 1833-1912
Bill Green LOWREY 1862-1947
Robert Whyte ROBERTS 1784-1865
Thomas Hill WILLIAMS 1780-1840
William BARKSDALE 1821-1863
Wall DOXEY 1892-1962
Charles Edward HOOKER 1825-1914
Steven PALAZZO 1970
Tilghman Mayfield TUCKER 1802-1859
Ezekiel Samuel CANDLER, Jr. 1862-1944
Thomas Marston GREENE 1758-1813
John Roy LYNCH 1847-1939
Clifford Ronald SHOWS 1947
Thomas Webber WILSON 1893-1948
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