Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Mississippi
Member Name Birth Death
William Taylor Sullivan BARRY 1821-1868
Henry Thomas ELLETT 1812-1887
William Yerger HUMPHREYS 1890-1933
Legrand Winfield PERCE 1836-1911
William Webb VENABLE 1880-1948
Joseph Williams CHALMERS 1807-1853
William HAILE 1797-1837
George Colin McKEE 1837-1890
Frank Ellis SMITH 1918-1997
Thomas Jefferson WORD
Joseph Henry BEEMAN 1833-1909
Powhatan ELLIS 1790-1863
Narsworthy HUNTER 1802
Le Roy PERCY 1860-1929
Prentiss Lafayette WALKER 1917-1998
Travis W. CHILDERS 1958
Robert Samuel HALL 1879-1941
Frank Alexander McLAIN 1852-1920
Larkin I. SMITH 1944-1989
Daniel Boone WRIGHT 1812-1887
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