Members of Congress:
New Hampshire
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from New Hampshire
Member Name Birth Death
Charles Henry BELL 1823-1893
James Colgate CLEVELAND 1920-1995
Fletcher HALE 1883-1931
Arthur LIVERMORE 1766-1853
Ossian RAY 1835-1892
Amos TUCK 1810-1879
Joseph BUFFUM, Jr. 1784-1874
Jacob Hart ELA 1820-1884
Isaac HILL 1789-1851
Moses NORRIS, Jr. 1799-1855
Samuel SMITH 1765-1842
Leonard WILCOX 1799-1850
James BELL 1804-1857
Norris H. COTTON 1900-1989
John Parker HALE 1806-1873
Samuel LIVERMORE 1732-1803
John Randall REDING 1805-1892
George Baxter UPHAM 1768-1848
Edmund BURKE 1809-1882
Caleb ELLIS 1767-1816
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