Members of Congress:
New Jersey
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from New Jersey
Member Name Birth Death
James Coats AUCHINCLOSS 1885-1976
William John BROWNING 1850-1920
Augustus William CUTLER 1827-1897
Thomas Merrill FERRELL 1844-1916
George Armstrong HALSEY 1827-1894
Jacob HUFTY 1814
Herman LEHLBACH 1845-1904
James Nelson PIDCOCK 1836-1899
Daniel Francis MINAHAN 1877-1947
John Anderson SCUDDER 1759-1836
John Potter STOCKTON 1826-1900
Peter Dumont VROOM 1791-1873
William Fred BIRCH 1870-1946
Isaiah Dunn CLAWSON 1822-1879
John Thomas DUNN 1838-1907
Peter Hood Ballantine FRELINGHUYSEN, Jr. 1916
Henry HELSTOSKI 1925-1999
James Gore KING 1791-1853
William McADOO 1853-1930
Peter Wallace RODINO, Jr. 1909-2005
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