Members of Congress:
New Jersey
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from New Jersey
Member Name Birth Death
Theodore Frank APPLEBY 1864-1924
Charles BROWNE 1875-1947
Stephen CRANE 1709-1780
Michael FERGUSON 1970
Charles HAIGHT 1838-1891
Benjamin Franklin HOWEY 1828-1895
Frederick Reimold LEHLBACH 1876-1937
William Walter PHELPS 1839-1894
John Gerald MILTON 1881-1977
Isaac Williamson SCUDDER 1816-1881
Percy Hamilton STEWART 1867-1951
Albert Lincoln VREELAND 1901-1975
Thomas BINES 1826
Amos CLARK, Jr. 1828-1912
John Fairfield DRYDEN 1839-1911
Joseph Sherman FRELINGHUYSEN 1869-1948
William HELMS 1813
Joseph KILLE 1790-1865
John Patterson Bryan MAXWELL 1804-1845
George Maxwell ROBESON 1829-1897
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