Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Nevada
Member Name Birth Death
Edward Peter CARVILLE 1885-1956
William SHARON 1821-1885
George Wilson MALONE 1890-1961
George Williams CASSIDY 1836-1892
William Morris STEWART 1827-1909
William Alexander MASSEY 1856-1914
John CRADLEBAUGH 1819-1872
Maurice Joseph SULLIVAN 1884-1953
Patrick Anthony (Pat) McCARRAN 1876-1954
Rollin Mallory DAGGETT 1831-1901
Alice (Dina) TITUS 1950
Gordon Newell MOTT 1812-1887
Samuel Shaw (Ulysses) ARENTZ 1879-1934
Francis Griffith NEWLANDS 1846-1917
John Eric ENSIGN 1958
David Gilmer TOWELL 1937-2003
Delos Rodeyn ASHLEY 1828-1873
George Stuart NIXON 1860-1912
Charles Robley EVANS 1866-1954
Clarence Dunn VAN DUZER 1864-1947
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