Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Nevada
Member Name Birth Death
George Arthur BARTLETT 1869-1951
Key PITTMAN 1872-1940
James A. GIBBONS 1944
Henry Gaither WORTHINGTON 1828-1909
Shelley BERKLEY 1951
Jon C. PORTER 1955
Jacob Chic HECHT 1928-2006
Thomas WREN 1826-1904
Alan Harvey BIBLE 1909-1988
Harry REID 1939
Joe HECK 1961
Clarence Clifton YOUNG 1922
James Hubert BILBRAY 1938
Charles Lenmore RICHARDS 1877-1953
Dean HELLER 1960
Ernest S. BROWN 1903-1965
Edwin Ewing ROBERTS 1870-1933
Charles Belknap HENDERSON 1873-1954
Richard H BRYAN 1937
Charles Hinton RUSSELL 1903-1989
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