Members of Congress:
New York
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from New York
Member Name Birth Death
Katharine Price Collier ST. GEORGE 1894-1983
David THOMAS 1762-1831
Asher TYLER 1798-1875
Nydia Margarita VELÁZQUEZ 1953
Aaron WARD 1790-1867
Hugh WHITE 1798-1870
Bradford Ripley WOOD 1800-1889
Joseph Halstead ANDERSON 1800-1870
William Henry BAKER 1827-1911
Egbert BENSON 1746-1833
Peter I. BORST 1797-1848
James Lane BUCKLEY 1923
William CARNEY 1942
Samuel CLARK 1800-1870
Thomas Henry CULLEN 1868-1944
Harmon Sweatland CONGER 1816-1882
David Miller DE WITT 1837-1912
Fred James DOUGLAS 1869-1949
Francis Smith EDWARDS 1817-1899
Geraldine Anne FERRARO 1935-2011
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