Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Oregon
Member Name Birth Death
Peter Anthony DeFAZIO 1947
Charles Henry MARTIN 1863-1946
Lowell STOCKMAN 1901-1962
Willis Chatman HAWLEY 1864-1941
Walter Marcus PIERCE 1861-1954
Ronald Lee WYDEN 1949
John Richard DELLENBACK 1918-2002
Clifton Nesmith McARTHUR 1879-1923
Lansing STOUT 1828-1871
James Henry Dickey HENDERSON 1810-1885
Charles Orlando PORTER 1919-2006
Joseph Norton DOLPH 1835-1897
George Wycliffe McBRIDE 1854-1911
Andrew Jackson THAYER 1818-1873
Homer Daniel ANGELL 1875-1968
Binger HERMANN 1843-1926
Alfred Evan REAMES 1870-1943
Robert Blackford DUNCAN 1920
John Rogers McBRIDE 1832-1904
Samuel Royal THURSTON 1816-1851
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