Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Virginia
Member Name Birth Death
Andrew BEIRNE 1771-1845
Leslie Larkin BYRNE 1946
Colgate Whitehead DARDEN, Jr. 1897-1981
Henry De La Warr FLOOD 1865-1921
Edwin GRAY 1743
James Murray HOOKER 1873-1940
Arthur LEE 1740-1792
Thomas Maduit NELSON 1782-1853
Stevens Thomson MASON 1760-1803
James Henry PLATT, Jr. 1837-1894
James Kenneth ROBINSON 1916-1990
James STEPHENSON 1764-1833
TUCKER, Henry St. George 1780-1848
Richard Alsop WISE 1843-1900
Richard Small AYER 1829-1896
James Dennis BRADY 1843-1900
Christopher Henderson CLARK 1767-1828
George Coke DROMGOOLE 1797-1847
George Tankard GARRISON 1835-1889
Burr Powell HARRISON 1904-1973
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