Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Vermont
Member Name Birth Death
Nathaniel CHIPMAN 1752-1843
James Merrill JEFFORDS 1934
Luke Potter POLAND 1815-1887
Peter WELCH 1947
Heman (of Milton) ALLEN 1777-1844
Solomon FOOT 1802-1866
William Henry MEYER 1914-1983
William SLADE 1786-1859
Martin CHITTENDEN 1763-1840
Luther JEWETT 1772-1860
Horace Henry POWERS 1835-1913
Phineas WHITE 1770-1847
Warren Robinson AUSTIN 1877-1962
David Johnson FOSTER 1857-1912
Ahiman Louis MINER 1804-1886
Israel SMITH 1759-1810
Jacob COLLAMER 1791-1865
Charles Herbert JOYCE 1830-1916
Samuel PRENTISS 1782-1857
Charles Wesley WILLARD 1827-1880
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