Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Vermont
Member Name Birth Death
Dudley Chase DENISON 1819-1905
Asa LYON 1763-1841
Mark RICHARDS 1760-1844
William Czar BRADLEY 1782-1867
Hiland HALL 1795-1885
Gideon OLIN 1743-1823
John Wolcott STEWART 1825-1915
Paul DILLINGHAM, Jr. 1799-1891
Matthew LYON 1749-1822
Jonathan ROBINSON 1756-1819
Lawrence BRAINERD 1794-1870
Kittredge HASKINS 1836-1916
Henry OLIN 1768-1837
William STRONG 1763-1840
William Paul DILLINGHAM 1843-1923
Richard Walker MALLARY 1929
Moses ROBINSON 1741-1813
Elbert Sidney BRIGHAM 1877-1962
William HEBARD 1800-1875
Carroll Smalley PAGE 1843-1925
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