Members of Congress:
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from Washington
Member Name Birth Death
James Wesley BRYAN 1874-1956
Samuel Clarence HYDE 1842-1922
George R. NETHERCUTT, Jr. 1944
Alvan FLANDERS 1825-1884
Russell Vernon MACK 1891-1960
Allan Byron SWIFT 1935
Harry Pulliam CAIN 1906-1979
Jay Robert INSLEE 1951
Fred Barthold NORMAN 1882-1947
Addison Gardner FOSTER 1837-1917
Donald Hammer MAGNUSON 1911-1979
Randy J. TATE 1965
Maria E. CANTWELL 1958
Henry Martin (Scoop) JACKSON 1912-1983
Thomas Minor PELLY 1902-1973
Selucius GARFIELDE 1822-1881
Warren Grant MAGNUSON 1905-1989
Thor Carl TOLLEFSON 1901-1982
Rodney Dennis CHANDLER 1942
Orange JACOBS 1827-1914
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