Members of Congress:
West Virginia
Biographies of U.S. representatives and senators from West Virginia
Member Name Birth Death
Alston Gordon DAYTON 1857-1920
William Pallister HUBBARD 1843-1921
Samuel PRICE 1805-1884
John Seashoal WITCHER 1839-1906
George Meade BOWERS 1863-1925
Nathan GOFF 1843-1920
Adam Brown LITTLEPAGE 1859-1921
Charles Philip SNYDER 1847-1915
Charles Phillips DORR 1852-1914
James Anthony HUGHES 1861-1930
Nick Joe RAHALL, II 1949
John Marshall WOLVERTON 1872-1944
Frank Llewellyn BOWMAN 1879-1936
Carte P. GOODWIN 1974
Francis Johnson LOVE 1901-1989
Melvin Claude SNYDER 1898-1972
Blackburn Barrett DOVENER 1842-1914
James Hall HULING 1844-1918
Robert Lincoln RAMSAY 1877-1956
Harry Chapman WOODYARD 1867-1929
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