Father's Day: International holiday celebrated in June

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Histories, stories, and fun facts to share with Dad

A Father and Son


Father's Day Timeline
Ninety-four years of celebrating dads

2,000 Years of the Necktie
The history of America's favorite Father's Day gift

Fathers by the Numbers 
Facts from the U.S. Census Bureau

Paternal Instinct

Father-Son and Father-Daughter Athletes
Athletes following in their fathers' footsteps

Father Grows Up
The ever-changing father figure in sitcoms

Animal Dads
Fathers from all walks of life care for their children in different ways

Father's Day Fun

"Fathers" Around the World  
A Father's Day Word Search

Father's Day Quotes
Memorable quotes from Homer to Frost

Famous Fathers Quiz
John Voigt is the father of which Oscar-winning actress?

Fathers Day Quiz
Who were the "Founding Fathers"?

Necktie Quiz
How did the tuxedo get its name?

Celebrating Dads!
Family activities from FamilyEducation.com

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