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Monsters, and bats, and Dracula. Oh my!


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Monsters, Bats, Dracula, and More


October Games
Pumpkin Scrambler, and a Halloween Candy Jigsaw

Halloween Hangman
Do you dare play this ghoulish game?

Halloween Traditions
The inside scoop on jack-o'-lanterns and other Halloween traditions

Halloween History
The tangled origins of the October 31 holiday

Halloween by the Numbers
There were 115 million candy opportunities in 2013

Menacing Monster Guide
Who's who in the rogue's gallery

The Truth About Dracula
How a 15th-century prince became a legend

Fact Monster Mask
Be the Fact Monster for Halloween!

All About Bats
Mysterious mammals on the fly

Monster Jokes
Why is it safe to tell a mummy your secret?


More on the Freaky, Scary, and Strange


Our Favorite Phobias
What are you afraid of?

The Hoax Files
Mysteries of science, sports, art, and more

Unlucky No. 13
The superstition's roots in Christian and pagan beliefs

Sports and the Number 13
A handful of athletes dared wear the infamous number



The Human Skeleton Quiz
Test your skeletal smarts

Mythical Monsters Quiz
What half-man, half-bull beast was kept in a labyrinth on Crete?

Phobias Quiz
Phobophobics avoid this quiz!

Candy Quiz
What flavor was found in Tut's tomb?

Monsters Quiz
Which are the only monsters born in the United States?

Dracula Quiz
Don't be afraid to sink your teeth into this quiz

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