Harry Potter Haiku

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff
The Harry Potter Haiku Archive, Part V
Wizardry poetry from our readers!

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All About Harry Haikus

Harry you are brave
Braver than Hermione,
Not as Dumbledore

Matthew , 12
First simply turning
from a match to a needle,
then the harder stuff

Jessica, 12
Oh Hermione,
you are brainier than I
Smartest in your class

Aubrey, 9
Hagrid grinning wide
Thrashing dragon breaks the egg
Nightmare has been born

Rosalind, 11
Scar on his forhead
Hair is black as ebony
His eyes are bright green

Jilda, 11
Ron is a strange boy
He eats chocolate roaches
He is Harry's friend

Mark, 10
If you see the snitch
that little gold winged flyer
then just dive for it

keeper , 11
Bertie botts beans are
great, so many flavors, yum
Harry Just loves them

Ronald Weasley is
A friend of Harry Potter's
And he has a rat

Marie, 10
Hermione's one
intelligent wizardess
female brain magic

jaki, 45
Can Hogwarts be an
old ruin on the outside
while so great inside

Pratima , 11
Cedric's dad Amos
thinks his son is the best, yet
i think Harry is

Allison J. P., 12



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