Harry Potter Haiku

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The Harry Potter Haiku Archive, Part I
Wizardry poetry from our readers!

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All About Harry Haikus

wind blasts through my robes
glistening gold flashes by
I scour the skies
Marc Antonio, 13

a light snow falling
it is Christmas at Hogwarts
a great day ahead
Leanne, 11

His hair black as night
A lightning scar tells his life
He is a legend.
Cherie, 10

Harry the wizard
always getting in trouble
That wizard Harry
Hannah, 12

Harry Potter you
Must learn to use your magic
Or trouble will come
Lindsey, 9

A powerful blast
Harry is blown off his feet
From the shadow steps. . . .
Alyssa, 12

Hermione is
the brains of the bunch at the
high peak of each class.
Lauren, 13

Three devoted friends
Magic-wielding musketeers
Evil ones beware
Doyle, 30

With Harry Potter
on our team the Quidditch cup
isn't far away
Sue, 11

Harry Potter yeah
He'll defeat Volde—oops someday.
Harry Potter yeah
Kathleen, 13

Harry's mystery
A past shrouded in darkness
Soon the light will shine
Kasie, 15

darkness of the night
creeping down the hall full of
adventure and fear
Jessica, 13

Muggle is my name
Make me magic; please make me
into a wizard

Harry soars past us
a song in his heart, the Snitch
in his sweaty palms
Mirror Girl, 12

His magic is known
all over the world. He has
enchanted us all.
Meredith, 12

Sweeping of the broom;
seekers grasping for the Snitch,
Potter at the lead!
Molly, 13

Under tired eyes
Someone struggling with himself
Is he wolf.... or man?
Janice, 12

Snape is so stupid,
He is an ugly old git!
He is a slimeball!

Squinting through the rain,
Diving and spinning for life,
Can the Snitch be caught?
Alli(Star), 12

Hedwig flies alone
silent in the steady wind
a message she grasps
Sarah, 13

His days at Hogwarts
Have been hard and troublesome
Yet still he has fun
Aradia, 13

The Snitch flying by;
thinking only of Mother,
he catches the Snitch.
Gary, 11

A lightning bolt scar
Lightningbolt—the fastest broom
Both from those he loves.
Stephy, 14

Quidditch is the best
It's really really awesome
And Harry loves it

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