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Pronunciation: (frap), [key]
— n. Northeastern U.S. (chiefly eastern New Eng.)
  1. a milkshake made with ice cream.


Pronunciation: (fra-pā' Fr. fra-pā'), [key]
— n., pl. adj., v., -pés -péed, -pé•ing.
  1. a fruit juice mixture frozen to a mush, to be served as a dessert, appetizer, or relish.
  2. an after-dinner drink consisting of a liqueur, as crème de menthe, poured over cracked or shaved ice.
  3. frappe.
  4. a beating of the toe of the working foot against the ankle of the supporting foot.
  1. chilled; iced; frozen.
  1. to make a frappé of: to frappé rum, fruit juice, and cracked ice.
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